I work on the intersection of thought, product experience and business development. This is a living archive of my work.

My aim is to explore and define interesting things, some of which hopefully bring value to individuals, companies, or the society.

Value creation as a starting point

Businesses should focus on identifying the value they can bring to users before even sketching any products or services. What is an effective order to get from ideas to products?

Mentoring & Teaching

Much of what I learned is owed to generous mentors and peer-education. These human conversations help to spread perspectives and set correct expectations. I feel obliged to share my knowledge with next generation of talented designers.

Helping companies collect and act on their best ideas with Pitchme

Pitchme was an exploratory product investigating the dynamics of communication at organizations. Its premise was to inspire transparency and ideation among colleagues of all kinds.

User Experience Design Principles in Design Projects

Design of user experience is a complex discipline defining processes and engagements users go through. The creative process is highly multi-disciplinary and complex. How might we empower teams with a simple tool to align their focus?

Building a better attendee experience with Tgthr

Attending events is an exciting but stressful endeavor. Attendees plow through their goals of learning from their favorite programs, opening new doors, and having fun. A tool that helps not to miss anything important is a welcome companion.

Helping SMEs reach online success with TinySites

Small business owners can struggle with the overwhelming choice of underwhelming solutions when it comes to getting their online sorted out. TinySites is my latest venture trying to package and affordable yet responsibly complete solution.

Understanding and replicating coporate innovation.

Consistent innovation is the Holy Grail of most companies. The survivalist drive to keep a business relevant is a €300b per annum industry. What makes innovation work for some, but not for others?

Mapping the self across time

The question of the self is one of the biggest ones we face in our lives. This was one of my attmepts in answering it through rigorous self-study and factual observation.

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Investigating Good Work

What is good work? How can we know when we’re doing it? Are we spending time doing worthwhile things? I am trying to answer such questions to understand the responsibility and the gifts bestowed on us through our capacity to create.

Making the world more musical with Yousician

As an engineering-driven product, Yousician was a great teaching mechanism, but over the time it suffered from feature fatigue. To bring even more engaging music education, how might we change the app to accommodate for new ideas and tools?