Personal Essence

2018 - 2019
Self-ethnography • Data-Art • Logotherapy

Visualising the human within.

The challenge

Amongst human challenges, the journey of self is perhaps the biggest. In this exploration, I pondered perspectives of Taoism, Zen, and Buddhism; works of Adler, Freud, and Frankl; but also self-help titles of Pressfield and Covey. Many conclude: man cannot be defined, but must be observed, and accepted.

Absurdly literally, I embarked on a self-ethnographic data-mining journey through 3800+ artifacts to observe and map myself.It did help me break through some of my limitations of purpose and agency.

Originally intended as a curious data-art project, I now wonder if it could be applied as a form of ’auto-psychotherapy’.

A self-inquiry project to investigate my history and consequences.

If we are ought to manifest our unique capabilities as work only we can create, isn't it logical to first try to fully understand what are we made of?

I tried to approach this subjectively, working from memory and feelings. But the results weren't satisfying. It felt inaccurate.

I needed a more accurate description of my self, both negative and positive. It helped me accept myself and understand how should I develop.

This exercise resulted in few artworks, serving as constant reminders of what made me, and where I'm heading.