Talks & Mentoring

2016 - present
Public speaking • Teaching • Workshops

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and research with both professionals and upcoming designers. I run workshops, mostly in university or entrepreneurial settings, but also do 1-on-1 and corporate mentoring.

The challenge

Much of what I learned is owed to generous mentors and peer-support. These human conversations help to spread perspectives and arm me with correct expectations. In an effort to give back to my community, I teach public workshops, mentor at accelerators, and run a peer-support community called Undersurface.

One of my workshop series is Joe's Quickstart Guide to Visual Design — a practically oriented bootcamp for students & professionals to quickly, but dramatically improve their visual design skills.

All my events are designed to be very practical and collaborative; full of exercises and good fun, rather than long theoretical talks.

I've done workshops at several institutions. Mostly in Finland but also in Ireland and Czech Republic.