2018 - present
Entrepreneurship • Service development • Business modeling

TinySites are a subscription website coupled with a consulting service. It helps small entrepreneurs, local businesses and artist get and succeed online.

The challenge

One evening on a call with my friend, I faced a problem... "it's hard to keep a sustainable income as a freelancer", she concurred, and added "it's hard for me to afford freelancers as a new business owner". My friend couldn't afford to pay thousands for her website and online channels, but she said that she'd 'pay a €100 every month to have me on the phone for advice'.That's how TinySites started.

At the intersection of two needs, I created a small subscription consultancy helping small entrepreneurs get and succeed online, while sustainably supporting freelancers (well, mostly me).

Getting a website is confusing and expensive ordeal. Most clients, especially small businesses would rather focus on what they love doing instead of technical difficulties.

But they still a website, the guidance, and the complete service — online strategy, branding, marketing, and maintenance.

So, I started experimenting with a different approach — splitting the cost over several years, making it less prohibitive, and creating a predictable income as a side effect.

During my initial market experimentation, I noticed a great response particularly from solo women entrepreneurs. So, the branding centres around that and my values (first name basis, friendly, honest, egalitarian).

Currently there are four sites launched. Two of my clients regularly purchase additional services & marketing support.

I hope to scale TinySites to 10-15 customers and share the workload with a small network of creatives while taking a small commission fee.

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