2018 - present
Co-founder • Community nanny :)

Having left university and growing increasingly socially minded, I struggled to find a peer community to exchange ideas and grow with.

The challenge

Navigating contemporary careers is challenging. Many of us aren't satisfied with being given a task to blindly follow. Many of us want to grow, be better, and do good.

Longing for a community and support from likeminded people, I started Undersurface with my good friend Marian. Our goal was to bring action-oriented dreamers under one roof and see what would happen.

It became a home for those who want to do more, who want to live purposefully, who want to create. We gather to help one another get there. To help each other grow personally and professionally

After talking with others, I realised that I’m not the only young professional facing this problem — and so I co-founded Undersurface to help us keep feeling challenged, inspired, and supported.

The community operates mostly virtually, but our members have met in person and we’re planning a private un-conference later this spring.

It’s not just about talking and connecting, however. We organise virtual events, talks and classes. For example this year's biggest project is GoalsPact19 — a system and a promise to help us stick to our resolutions.

The space is designed to limit chatter and inspire deep asynchronous conversation on topics important either personally or professionally. And it seems to be working :)

So far it’s been incredible to be part of our little community and I’m often absolutely mesmerised by the brilliant people who keep joining.