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It’s a hard task to rally all stakeholders around a shared vision. Are there any tools in the design world to achieve this?

The challenge

Another challenge I faced at work. Yousician consists of highly autonomous people, where a developer may have responsibility for UI work as well as code. I was in need of an organizational method to empower individuals in making the UX decisions aligned with our strategy.

However, information on this topic was scattered and often conflicting, which inspired me to choose this as my thesis topic.

The 6-month research project culminated in a consideration of domain knowledge, as well as original content analysis of hundreds of 'design principles' teams use to manage their product efforts.

The challenge is that design specialists must consider multitudes of perspectives in their work. But keeping up with them on daily basis often feels like perpetually re-reading Homer’s Oddyssey.

I inquired into my domain trying to find and define a method to distill those requirements into a more actionable and palatable format. The research consisted of four separate methods to reach for a Grounded Theory.

The domain suggests that some variation of guiding principles is used by many companies to align, organise and argue for design efforts.

After sufficient analysis, I formulated a set of explanations and guiding steps to help design managers adopt the method of UX principles.

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