2015 - 2017
UX lead — UX/UI design

Yousician is the easiest way to learn and play the guitar, piano, bass and ukulele. With 300 million users in 154 countries, it is the world’s largest music education service.

The challenge

It used to be an engineering-driven company. As the company’s UX lead, I evangelised that investments in user understanding will help us deliver more beautiful and functional services, while investments in internal design & build systems will reduce costs of maintenance and developing new features.

I created, lead, and executed dozens of initiatives both as a lead and a maker.

I was hired to introduce user-centered thinking and help us move from a pure engineering mentality.

One of my projects involved visually modernising the entire Yousician Suite — apps for all instruments, our website, emails, and Guitar Tuna — the world's most downloaded Instrument tuner.

As part of the facelift efforts, I researched, proposed, and lead large changes to our informational hierarchy. The old one was so confusing that users in testing were literally getting lost enough to be restarting the app.

Changing the looks and tools wasn't enough however. It was also crucial that all my 40 colleagues understand and believe in this new mentality. And that they can feel ownership of it.


Photos by David Jakob