Pitchme was an exploratory product investigating the dynamics of communication at organizations. Its premise was to inspire transparency and ideation among colleagues of all kinds.

Helping companies collect and act on their best ideas with Pitchme


The #1 reported ⓵ problem at organizations is lack of communication. It creates distrust and detriment to employee happiness.

Would it be possible to spark a systemic change by creating a new, open, communication channel? That is the question Pitchme asked itself when creating its innovative work-chat platform.


Our company had four pilot partners — NVIDIA, Intopalo, New Factory and Microsoft, whom we observed as they used the app.

As a design co-founder at Pitchme, I lead ethnographic research, and studied basics of behavioral psychology to design a communication process promoting transparency.


In the end our team couldn’t find and deliver the right value to our partners. After sixteen months of trial and error, we decided to stop the project.

Nevertheless, this project was a critical learning experience in user research, entrepreneurship, project management, and agile user interface design.

Making the world more musical with Yousician

As an engineering-driven product, Yousician was a great teaching mechanism, but over the time it suffered from feature fatigue. To bring even more engaging music education, how might we change the app to accommodate for new ideas and tools?

Value creation as a starting point

Businesses should focus on identifying the value they can bring to users before even sketching any products or services. What is an effective order to get from ideas to products?