Small business owners can struggle with the overwhelming choice of underwhelming solutions when it comes to getting their online sorted out. TinySites is my latest venture trying to package and affordable yet responsibly complete solution.

Helping SMEs reach online success with TinySites

What makes a good website?

Your website should be a one-of-a-kind complex machine that uniquely supports your business.

It’s good when it strategically fits your goals and its brand feels spot on.

You should consider researching your users, getting help with copy, finding good developers and marketing folks, and maybe spicing things up with a help from an illustrator or a photographer.

Fortunately, we sort all of this out. :)

Making the world more musical with Yousician

As an engineering-driven product, Yousician was a great teaching mechanism, but over the time it suffered from feature fatigue. To bring even more engaging music education, how might we change the app to accommodate for new ideas and tools?

Value creation as a starting point

Businesses should focus on identifying the value they can bring to users before even sketching any products or services. What is an effective order to get from ideas to products?