Much of what I learned is owed to generous mentors and peer-education. These human conversations help to spread perspectives and set correct expectations. I feel obliged to share my knowledge with next generation of talented designers.

Mentoring & Teaching


I help companies, entrepreneurs and young designers establish a productive relationship with design. To make them understand the importance of research- and userdriven thinking for building successful and relevant products.

Many makers are idea- or technology- centric. My mission is to enlighten them about the benefits of research and and experimentation design.


My focus is to help new companies identify productive learning opportunities in design context, but also to provide a non-judgmental sparring partner to emerging designers, helping them discover how they to improve their work in a user-centered fashion.

Making the world more musical with Yousician

As an engineering-driven product, Yousician was a great teaching mechanism, but over the time it suffered from feature fatigue. To bring even more engaging music education, how might we change the app to accommodate for new ideas and tools?

Value creation as a starting point

Businesses should focus on identifying the value they can bring to users before even sketching any products or services. What is an effective order to get from ideas to products?