Design of user experience is a complex discipline defining processes and engagements users go through. The creative process is highly multi-disciplinary and complex. How might we empower teams with a simple tool to align their focus?

User Experience Design Principles in Design Projects

Design of user experience is a complex discipline defining processes and engagements users go through. User experience professionals utilize a multiplicity of thinking tools to resolve the needs of both users and businesses. The target of this thesis was to investigate a thinking tool of User Experience Design Principles, and to uncover their similarities and uses in design projects. The thesis consists of literature review, content analyses and interviews with designers using these principles in their work.

According to the results, different forms of User Experience Design Principles are commonly used by mature user-centered organizations. They help to achieve consistency and success of their products. The research also discovered commonalities in the investigated examples supported by the literature review and the following interviews.

User Experience Design Principles appear to be an effective communication and guidance tool in user-centered design projects. Existing examples are similar in format and purpose. In use, the Principles help communicate a singular vision between stakeholders, understandably translate user needs, and inspire meaningful design solutions. The research seems to provide a good insight into how are User Experience Design Principles created in user-centered design projects.

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