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Tgthr built thoughtful apps for event organisers and event goers. 


TYPE: iOS & Android


DATE: 2012 - 2013


project description

Tgthr was my first shot at entrepreneurship. Our company built thoughtful apps that help venues and event producers create deeper relationships with their audience. 



How can we go beyond what typical event apps offer? Can we help event-goers focus on having a great time and leave worries at home?


Our differentiating values

1. Easy way to build personal agenda and keep reminded about what's going on.

2. Help attendees network based on their skills and goals.

3. An interactive way to navigate around the event area. No more PNGs as an excuse for map.

4. Offer additional special content such as speaker notes, recordings and promotions within the app.




Artboard 6@3x.png

Final product

(well one version of it)



Our pilot clients

During development we had been fortunate to pilot with World's Creativity Business forum: Ice Live and collaborate with MindTrek conferences to devise meaningful feature sets and secure funding.


Sales, sales, sales...

In true startup spirit I've been busy doing sales and business development as well as design. However those interactions were a great source of qualitative answers to how should Tgthr develop.


Project management & operations

Regardless it was my co-founder Garrett Fookes who was the bigger salesman. As the more organised one, roadmap planning and business development was ultimately my secondary focus.

During this time I learned about the pitfalls of the Waterfall model and too rigid planning. As we transitioned to SCRUM our clients also became more satisfied with our update times.



So what happened with Tgthr?

Well. It wasn't a complete failure! We quadrupled our investment and shipped Tgthr to sizeable audiences of event-goers. In the end it wasn't business we were so hot about and moved to work on Pitchme, our second startup.



Business development: Garrett Fookes
Frontend: Kevin Scheffelmeier
Backend: Nico Schulze





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