2018 - present
Entrepreneurship • Head of Product

Helping companies explore future value.

The challenge

In my work, I discovered that many of the excellent methodologies we use to design, engineer, and make are not quite complete. Design Thinking, Lean and Agile methodologies all greatly improve the respect for users, technical quality, and economic efficiency. But they all seem to lack in some areas.

They lack regard for ethical and systemic impact. They don't offer effective tools for collaboration. Or they lack diligence and rigour in implementation.

I joined FRAMLABS, because we work to overcome those inefficiencies by exploring new methodologies, while applying them in helping companies make better decisions towards future value.

I joined Framlabs as I started looking to build a new business. It was one of the three emerging consultancies, where I was offered a partner position, versus building my own business.

Framlabs is captivating, though. Our mission is to help companies build better tomorrow — in terms of finding meaningful future value. To deliver on that promise, we use powerful original methods and frameworks.

Much of our work is concerned with human relationships and collaboration, as well as helping all individuals unlock their creativity.

This is supported by original tools, mostly created by Toby, but also our continued original research (see my Experiment Engine project).

My responsibility mostly lies around experimental validation, building out our digital production capacity, and creating a productization strategy to achieve a more scaleable revenue mix.

My partners support my GID application, although we yet have to consider what repercussions my possible acceptance might have on my involvement.